Save money on the services you use to connect with the people and content you love! NetZero has helped millions of people save on internet service, PC security and more. NEW! NetZero TurboStream™ is the next evolution of internet. Plans start at just $39.95/mo with speeds up to 1 Gbps and includes FREE professional installation and modem/firewall*. Call 1-800-638-9376 to check availability in your area and get started today!

      * More details and limitations arrow
      NetZero TurboStream™
      Not available at all locations - all plans require local address to verify plan availability. Additional fees may apply including a Network Management Surcharge of up to $2.95/month and modem maintenance fee of up to $3/month. Plans may require a commitment period; commitment periods may vary depending on service location. Discounted plans will revert to the then current rate after the discount period has ended. All NetZero TurboStream™ plans require a one-time setup fee of $49.95. Cancellation prior to the end of the commitment period may incur an early termination fee. Call 1-800-638-9376 to get started.
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